High Flow Technology™:

Revolutionizing Polyurethane Foam
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Fomo Products is taking pour-in-place foam to the next level with High Flow Technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation that:
  • Completely fills intricate voids and crevices previously unable to be filled by any other substance
  • Flows into cavities up to 30 feet deep
While all pour-in-place polyurethane foams are somewhat slow-curing, foams with High Flow Technology vary greatly. Each of our formulations have unique attributes and performance features different from any pour-in-place foam currently on the market. Formulations may flow longer distances and around obstructions ensuring a complete fill, may flow through the deepest voids before significant curing begins and in head-to-head testing flow 50% further than standard pour-in-place foams all without settling or shrinking issues. These formulations are offered in both closed and open celled varieties. High Flow Technology’s special cure profile and unique blend of propellant blowing agents enable this technology to outperform today’s standard of pour-in-place foams.

Work with High Flow Technology

High Flow Technology products will be available in 2013 in a variety of formulations for many key applications, ranging from residential weatherization to OEM products. These products will be available both in refillable and disposable packaging. All of Fomo's products incorporating High Flow Technology are non-settling and resistant to shrinkage for a complete seal or fill.

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